I created this blog for many reasons. I was never a meal planner, in fact, I rarely cooked (my husband did most of it….lucky me !!) and if I did, I found it stressful to think of something or I never took anything out. We started a family in 2008 and then added one more in 2011 (and are done!) at which point I started cooking more, especially being on maternity leave (feeling like when husband gets home, better have supper on the table, right?). However, I still found it stressful and always forgot to take things out. My first attempt at meal planning was a whiteboard on the fridge that had a different meat for each night of the week so that at least this way I would remember to take something out, but then my husband would text me and ask:

“What am I making with this beef?”

Me: “I don’t know?”

Then in 2012 when I went back to work I was asked to teach a cooking class and I thought, why not? Anyone can follow a recipe and I did enjoy trying new things. Fast forward to 2014 and I am the full-time foods teacher.

Currently, I am designing a project for next semester (think Master Chef meets Hell’s Kitchen). We also cook for our school canteen twice a week and make snacks to sell at break. I have learned so much about food and definitely cook way more at home, although I still find myself stuck some days on what to cook (♥ Pinterest but sometimes find it so overwhelming). I would spend hours on Sunday making my plan and my grocery list when I started to realize that there are tons of lovely people out there who are meal planning for us and providing grocery lists too! Some are free and some you need to pay for.

With that, I thought I’d start this blog to help give people a starting point with reviews on different plans and programs. My goal is to get as many people as possible meal planning while having accessible plans to choose from that meet your family’s needs. Follow along with me or watch and wait and pick the ones that work for you. My family and students will be my taste testers. Although I’ll warn you, they are all very picky eaters! I am excited to share this journey with you. Stay tuned for the official launch: Monday, February 3rd, 2014 and see what’s on the menu!


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