Week No. 4 GL

Meat Produce Dairy Grains Spices Other
6 chicken breasts garlic 1 % cottage cheese Penne Pasta oregano Parmesan Cheese
flat of ground beef romaine lettuce eggs quinoa basil 8 oz tomato sauce
pepperoni 1-2 lemons small heavy cream flour sugar 28 oz tomato sauce
4 yellow onions mozzarella cheese elbow macaroni cornstarch 14.5 oz cdiced tomatos
cilantro butter *pizza dough cumin soy sauce
tomatos milk cayenne pepper chicken broth
brocolli cheddar cheese chili powder frozen sweet white corn
carrots monteray jack cheese ground coriander 2 – 15 oz can black beans
1 green pepper dry mustard jalepenos
1 red pepper taco shells
1 yellow pepper chow mein noodles
celery mandarin oranges
mushrooms 1 can evaporated milk
hot sauce
1 can crushed tomatos
1 can tomato paste

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