Trim Healthy Mama


Trim Healthy Mama is a whole new way of understanding and using food that WORKS!  Discover the secrets of hormone balance, healthy, natural and sustainable weight maintenance.

If there is one thing you need to understand about this way of eating it is: NEVER INCLUDE LARGE AMOUNTS OF BOTH FATS AND CARBS IN THE SAME MEAL UNLESS YOU ARE TYING TO GAIN OR MAINTAIN WEIGHT.  IN OTHER WORDS DON’T TANDEM FUEL! (pg. 64) (To me this means no more popcorn with butter or coconut oil!! My favorite snack but also probably one of the reasons I am having trouble losing weight.)

March 1st, 2014

I am just starting to get a feel for this so today I tried a couple of things.  The book suggests (pg. 112) that you may want to start out with 2-3 full “S” days to get to know this meal type better followed by an “E” day or day and a half.  Then repeat.  Grouping together a couple of days of the same meal type back to back assists in swifter weight reduction. (NOTE: this is my goal so I will do this but otherwise there is no “plan”  eat “S” and “E”‘s however you want.  (NOTE: there are also “S helper”, “Crossover” and “Fuel Pull” meals.  You need to get the book to understand ;)! I ordered the e-book but also got a hard copy from the library)

9 AM Breakfast “S” Meal 2 fried eggs and spinach in butter.  Shortly after I did an hour long Turbo Kick workout.  I didn’t even feel hungry at 12.

1PM Lunch I have some leftover Spinach & Feta pizza from last night that I am not willing to throw out so I had 2 slices (no crust) warmed up.  At this point I am not familiar enough to know what type of meal this is (Crossover?) but am not worried about it.  Because this is not a “diet” if you “mess up” you just get back to it.  However I still felt hungry and hour later so I had a Greek Yogurt Swirl (pg. 250-254).

2PM Snack  “FP” meal 1/2 cup 0% greek yogurt, 1 scoop of protein powder and 1 Tbsp. PB2.  (OMG this stuff is to die for…essentially it is peanut flour).  Creamy yogurt that tasted like peanut butter without all the fat!!

I will continue this post later.  I am off to hockey.  Unfortunately I am going to the grocery store tomorrow so I took out a lasagna I had in the freezer for supper.  Again, no idea what it is but I do know it’s not ideal especially since I already ate pizza for lunch.  I will for sure have a nice side salad with it though!!


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