Week No. 3

Week No. 3

Here we are at week 3!! This has been so easy and stress free having a plan every week.  Last weeks plan was great!! I find though that on weekends we tend to just do whatever we feel like.  The plan I have chosen for this week you have to scroll down to the link to access the pdf file.  There is a grocery list but it is by recipe not categories.  I find that difficult to follow in the grocery store so I have categorized it below.  I am looking forward to this week.  It is only Monday to Friday and there aren’t any sides.  Here is a link to my Pinterest board of veggie side dishes.

Grocery List

Meat Produce Dairy Grains Spices Other
chicken breasts ginger Sharp Cheddar Cheese pizza dough garlic powder Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix
1 package bacon garlic milk 6-8 large buns curry powder Parmesan Cheese
3 lb beef blade roast green onions swiss, provolone or mozza cheese udon or linguini noodles onion powder Mayonnaise
cilantro eggs small flour tortillas cayenne pepper Dry onion soup mix
3 limes cream cheese cumin 2 cans beef broth
pepperjack cheese chili powder sweetened coconut flakes
panko bread crumbs
chicken broth
creamy peanut butter
soy sauce
green salsa

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