Week No. 5

Week No. 5

Monday: Chicken Satay Pitas

Tuesday: Brown Sugar & Citrus Chicken with Almond Butter Parsnips and salad

Wednesday: Taco Salad

Thursday: Kentucky Fraud Chicken and steamed broccoli

Friday: Out for dinner OR Breakfast for dinner

Saturday: Healthy BBQ Chicken Pasta and salad

Sunday: Margherita Pizza and fresh veggies with hummus

Meat Produce Dairy Grains Spices Other
 8 chicken breats  1 bunch green onions  unsalted butter  4 whole wheat pitas  smoked paprika  olive oil
1 lb. lean ground beef  1 red pepper cheddar cheese  fusilli  cumin  light chicken satay sauce
8 chicken thighs  2 lg. carrots  eggs  pizza dough  chili powder  hot chili paste
 bean sprouts  skim milk  Mrs. Dash original  brown sugar
 cilantro  Tex-Mex cheese  orange marmalade
 lemon Mozzarella cheese  Dijon mustard
 6 parsnips Sriracha
sm. onion almond butter
 garlic  ketchup
 2 plum tomatos  14 oz black beans
romaine lettuce  12 oz corn
 1 avocado  salsa
 brocolli  tortilla chips
 red onion  breadcrumbs
 mushrooms  Parmesan Cheese
 1 green pepper  pasta sauce
 fresh basil  bbq sauce
 cucumber  pizza sauce
 Italian stewed tomatos

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